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MULCH CLEARING is a new and innovative method of land clearing. It’s environmentally friendly, leaves soil intact, eliminates burning, the cost of hauling and disposing of debris, eliminates soil erosion and run off problems associated with conventional land clearing methods.

How much area can you clear in a day?

The rate of clearing depends on three things: the terrain, the number and density of desirable trees left standing, and how thick the brush is. On most jobs we can clear 1 to 2 acres a day.

Can you leave trees that we want to keep?

Absolutely. We work around desirable trees on just about every job we do.

Do you charge by the hour or per acre?

Typically we charge by the hours of machine operation. Some jobs are priced lump sum or by the acre.

How far will you travel to do work? Is there a transportation charge?

We will travel to work anywhere in North or South Carolina. There is no transportation within 80 miles of our office. Outside of 80 miles there is a charge of $2.50 per mile, which may be negotiable based on the size of a job.

What do you do with the mulch?

We typically leave all the mulch on the ground. The mulch left of the ground has tremendous benefits of reduced erosion, retarding woody regrowth, holding the moisture in the soil and the appearance is pleasing to the eye.

Will grass grow through the mulch?

Yes, whatever seed is in the ground will come up. We do recommend reseeding with native grass.

How small or large of an area will you clear?

We will work on anything from small lots to hundreds of acres.

I live out of state, can I get pictures sent of the completed lot?

Yes, we can send pictures of via email upon request.

I saw one of your signs, is that lot for sale?

We are a specialized land clearing company, not real estate agents. We do clear lots for real estate agents, investors and land owners. If we are aware of a lot being for sale we will do our best to connect you to the right person.

I have a waterfront lot that has restrictions about clearing trees, can you help me with what trees can and cannot be removed?

Yes, different agencies have different restrictions on clearing. It is important to follow these regulations carefully because in many places pier permits may not be granted or could be revoked if these rules are broken.

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